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Monitor your Backlinks
in less than a minute & secure your SEO

If at the moment you are reading these lines, someone changes or deletes one of your best backlinks, who will warn you?

Will you wait to see your traffic loss?

Buying links is expensive, monitoring all the relevant BL for your sites is logical :)

I want to monitor my links

Oseox Link monitors your backlinks

Enter your Backlinks or import your CSV list and we will check them every day for you !
Once a day, you will receive an email with your modified, deleted or de-indexed backlinks (URL whose target robot, canonical, and headings require de-indexing).
You can react immediately and save the SEO of the monitored site.

Do you exchange or buy links? Put a STOP to the smart guys who are scamming you. Secure your investments !

Oseox Link is a very simple but essential tool for your SEO.

Easy-to-use SEO software

Enter the URL of the pages where your links are, or import a file and THAT'S IT!

Every day, our robot will control your precious links bought sometimes at the price of gold. If we detect a change, you will be notified by email in less than 24 hours!

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